We offer our clients bespoke services, tailored to their individual needs.

Still Rendering

We have completed thousands of renderings over the years which gives us extensive experience in delivering high quality still images to fill out your brochures, websites, billboards and other media. What sets us apart is that we strive for our images to be both accurate photo-realistic renditions as well as artistically pleasing and effective marketing images. Still rendering services include exterior perspectives, interior perspectives, 3D blueprints, lifestyle images, birds eye images and more.

3D Animation

Our workflow relies on having everything set up correctly in 3D with little need for 2D additions which means we can transfer to rendering animations without much difficulty. We are able to achieve a high level of realism within our animations as a result of this workflow. The availability of easy to access render farms means that we are now able to output these animations very fast. One of the standout features of our animations is our ability to seamlessly integrate 3D models into live animated footage for example drone footage.

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Visual Impact Assessments

Over the years we have developed advanced techniques for integrating 3D elements into photographs. We use a combination of software to calculate the position and orientation of cameras in 3D space relative to the site in addition to lens characteristics. This technique is far superior than trying to eyeball it and allows you to produce several options accurately and fast. This high level experience in the niche of superimposing buildings on to photographs has made us leading experts in producing accurate View Impact Assessments for presentations to building approval, councils and objectors.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality applications deployed to mobile devices can give users a much better idea of the design of an item by allowing the user the ability of referencing it to a real world object and then move around it in a natural way. Our clients find it particularly helpful in sales offices to explain the layout of a s space.

Xpose Studios is a dynamic 3D modelling company specializing in photo-realistic architectural visualizations, VR 360°, AI, animation and more.