Bonsai Estate

Bonsai Estate is an estate development by MSP in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town.

We created all the unit types and made them uniquely distinct from one another. Individual gardens were made for each of them, as well as different cars and people. The same lighting was used, as to give the illusion of snapshots taken as you walk through the estate.

Unit A
Unit D
Unit G
Unit B
Unit E
Unit H
Unit C
Unit F

Our focus was especially on the rich outdoor environment with playparks and open fields.

Bonsai Estate Park View

Bonsai Estate’s lush parks were created with our vast library of trees and custom made plants. We exclusively use 3D tree models to create natural shadows and dappled light.

We love creating outdoor spaces and adding subtle touches that enhances the realism of an image. Like the above park images, we’ve included natural rocks and even some bird life. Our focus is always to create a natural sun and atmospheric light, as it adds depth and enhances the visual of the plant life.