Botanica, Constantia

Botanica at Hohenhort is an exclusive development situated in the lush suburb of Constantia.

From the architect Metropolis Design : ‘The houses have been designed as contemporary works of nature architecture, which create an immersive relationship with the natural surroundings. All houses are L-shaped, oriented North for sunlight to all rooms, most of the day. The houses have been carefully positioned and designed so that they are entirely private, yet enjoy views of the mountainscape to the north.’

Botanica at Hohenort Birds-eye view

The birds-eye image shows the four exclusive homes nestled in-between the existing trees.

The image was carefully super imposed onto the photo of the actual site, with some plants and trees added as per the landscaping plan for added privacy and natural beauty.


The first of the four residences – AVA- Derived from the latin word for “bird”

AVA Exterior back view

We made a few iterations for this view, ranging from midday sun to what we eventually settled on. An overcast sky enhances the greens and plant life around the property. With this lighting the interior spaces are lit up and conveys the sense of depth that a midday sun lighting would otherwise not have shown.

AVA Exterior front view

The front of the residence shows the different materials used to make this house fit in with the environment. From concrete to wood and natural stone. Notable is the green or ‘living’ roof above the garage, once again nestling the structure in nature.

AVA Interior view – dining room
AVA Interior of living room

The interior views has a distinct European look and feel, with clean lines and minimalist furniture.


The house was designed around a mature oak tree with the interiors flowing out to the garden.

ARCA exterior back view
ARCA exterior back view

We excel at creating natural vegetation and make it look as realistic and as possible, all the while keeping our indigenous and local flora in mind.

ARCA Interior View
ARCA Exterior back view


“Tree symbolising a blending of the past, present and future.”

This render feels straight out of a fairy tale! With the magical lighting of a partly cloudy afternoon sky, combined with the sun shining low over the tree tops.

ASH Exterior back view
ASH Exterior front view
ASH Interior dining room view
ASH Interior living room view


Italian for “air”

The fourth residence encapsulates the title, as the look and feel of the place is one of large spaces and openness. The classic car was added to compliment the timeless design of the property.

ARIA Exterior back view
ARIA Interior view dining room
ARIA Interior view Lounge

Botanica at Hohenhort must be one of our favourites. Modern simplicity, elegance and natural beauty in abundance.